Diary – Jan. 13, 2021


Hi, it’s Mari.
I’ve been thinking what to write here since my last English post.
Let me share what I cooked for my son today.

January 11 is the day of Kagamibiraki, which is the day to cut the New Year’s rice cake (鏡餅/Kagamimochi).
I wanted to do Kagamibiraki on that day, but I did’t have time.

My eldest son loves rice cake, and only he’s interested in Kagamibiraki and the rice cake in my family. He also loves zenzai (red bean soup), so I decided to make zenzai for him with these rice cakes.

It took two hours to prepare from dried red beans, but I was happy to make it last night.
Before my son had it, I had tried it. It was a little too sweet for me, but he enjoyed it and said it was good.

The kagamimochi I bought last year had two round rice cakes inside. He had them for breakfast this morning.

He also had it with four rectangular rice cakes after dinner.

I’m happy to see him enjoying what I cooked. I’m a bit worried that he takes too much sugar though.
He doesn’t like vegetables, especially green ones, and he eats a lot of bread with honey and rice cakes with sugar and soy source. Hopefully he realizes the balanced diet is important for his health soon.

I’ll write again soon.

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