My favorite animals!


Welcome to my blog!
I’m writing about my favorite animal today!

When I was searching some nice photos to use on my blog post, I felt like seeing my favorite animals “Wombats”.

How lovely it is!
Wombats are not so popular in Japan.
Actually I didn’t know this animal before I went to Australia when I was a high school student.

I love their body shape and cute eyes!!!

I bought this photo book at the airport of Melbourne when I visited Melbourne by myself 4 years ago.

After checking up free photos of wombats, now I really want to see the real one.
So I googled and found out this surprising fact!

Only two zoos have wombats in Japan.
One is in Osaka, Satsukiyama Zoo, and the other is in Nagano.
I’ve realized I’d never seen wombats in Japan.
I saw them only in Australia.

You can check the official website of Satsukiyama Zoo from here.
They have four wombats, and it’s not so far from where I live.

This zoo even has Youtube channel to broadcast how their four wombats are doing for 24 hours.

Unfortunately I couldn’t see any wombats while I was watching, but I was impressed with the technology and efforts of the zoo staff.
I might come and check this site when I have time.

Hopefully I’ll go and see wombats at Satsukiyama Zoo soon.
I don’t think any of my children want to come with me, as they are too busy playing with their friends or focusing on their business.
But I just ask each if they like to come.

I was just happy to write about what I like.
I’ll be much happier when I see wombats at the zoo!
I’m so excited only to think about seeing them.

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