My son’s decision


Hi, there!
It has been the best time for cherry blossom viewing here in Hyogo, and we can enjoy shower of cherry blossom now.

I’d like to write about my eldest son, second year student of senior high school.
He studies at the electrical information course and has already passed exams for some qualifications.

The reason he chose this particular course and this high school was very simple.
He was interested in the content he can learn in this course, and this school is only 10 years old and the facilities are relatively clean.
The latter point was quite important for him, I guess.

What he has decided was on his career.
I often ask him what is his vision after finishing high school.
His answer was “I might go to the two-year technical college.” until the other day.

His latest answer was to get a job in two years.
I was so curious what made him decide that.
When I asked why, he said he wanted to get money.

He doesn’t want to go to school, as it takes 25 minutes one way on his bike.
Even in the rain or freezing day, he goes by his bike.
Also he doesn’t want to be forced to hand in the assignments even though he doesn’t get paid for.
He hates to do assignments and actually does only a little even teachers often tell him to hand in.

When I heard this, I was quite impressed and thought it was a great choice.
I know he loves studying only when he can focus on what he really wants to learn.
He can start learning when he finds something he wants to learn even he has to pay for it.

I haven’t asked him what kind of job he would like to do, but I’m sure whatever he chooses will be the best for him.
Now that I know he might leave home to start working in two years, I’m going to consciously enjoy time with him.

I have a feeling that he might get a job in the neighborhood and go to work from home.
Either way, it’s going to be a big change for us unless he changes his mind.
We’ll see how he goes his own way in life.









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