I love wombats!


As I wrote on this post, I love wombats!

I’ve wanted to visit Satsukiyama Zoo in Osaka, and finally I got a chance!

I found out it would take 70 minutes to get there by bus and train.
Thinking of the risk to get Covid19, I chose to go by bike.
It was the first time for me to go there, but I got the zoo smoothly and took only 50 minutes.

Satsukiyama Zoo is a very small zoo and free admission.
This place is famous for wombats, and there are also some sheep, emus, wallabies, a pig, tortoises, rabbits, horses, goats, and alpacas.

There are four wombats, and this is where they live.
As wombats are nocturnal animal and more active at night, visitors can only see them outside from 4 p.m.
This zoo closes at 4:45, so we only got 45 minutes to see them.

I had to wait for 2 hours before 4 o’clock, because I didn’t know wombats wouldn’t come out before 4.
There were about 30 people waiting for wombats to come out around 4.
It was around 4:10, when the zoo keeper opened the doors and wombats finally came out to the ground.

They were so cute, and I couldn’t stop taking photos.

One of them were so active and kept walking up and down.

I love the back shot!
It’s so round.

This is the third wombat.
I haven’t remembered their names yet.
I’d like to go there at times and know them well.

Watching wombats gives me a lot of energy.
Satsukiyama Zoo is one of the places where I get positive energy.

I feel so lucky to have Satsukiyama Zoo not so far.
I can go to see them whenever I have 3 hours of free time.
I just need to know their schedule of coming outside better!





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