School Lunch


Hi, it’s Mari!
It’s been a while since I wrote the last post in English.
But I’ve realized this is what I want to keep doing, so I came back!

Let me talk about school lunch today.

I temporarily work at a public primary school to support English classes.
Not every time, but I have school lunch in the teacher’s room when I have classes.

I really liked school lunch when I was a child, so I feel so lucky to have school lunch even I’m not a qualified school teacher.

It was Sestubun lunch.
Setsubun(節分) means the day before the beginning of the first day of spring, and it was February 2 this year. Actually, it was the first time in 124 years that Setsubun was on February 2nd.

I forgot the actual menu, but we had rice, fried sardine, miso soup, some vegetable, milk, and roasted beans.
The fried sardine was very nice with sweet source.

This was the last school lunch to have this school year.
The round brown thing is a flat chicken ball… I couldn’t find a proper name for this, but it was nice!
Also the very black food is a kind of seaweed, called HIJIKI.

School lunch is usually quite simple, but tastes good.

I’m hoping that I have this job next school year as well. I like talking with children at school as well as having school lunch!

If it’s possible, I’ll be happy to work more next year so that I can enjoy school lunch more often!

That’s all for today.
Thanks for reading!

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