Soccer practice of my son


I went to see my son’s soccer practice between my English classes today.
He started to go to this soccer school two years ago.

He likes playing sports and is good at various sports.
Despite of my expectation, he wouldn’t join any sporting team.

Just after I stopped expecting him to start playing any sports seriously, he asked me if he could join the soccer school his friends had joined.

My son doesn’t seem to be so keen to play soccer, so I didn’t expect him to become a good player with just a 1.5 hours-practice a week.

As I really like to see my children playing sports, I went to see the soccer practice last week.
I usually have a class to teach when he plays soccer, but my class was cancelled both last week and this week.
I’m glad I got a chance to go and found out that he was now much better at controlling the ball than I expected.

I brought my camera and took many photos of him.
I love taking photos and really enjoyed taking photos of my son playing soccer.

He is just a member of soccer school, so he’ll never have a chance to play in any official games or wearing the team uniform.
But he seems to be just happy to play with other junior members, and I’m happy to see him enjoying soccer with his friends.

Just after his soccer class, the sun set.
It was just beautiful.

This time I had a chance to watch my younger son playing soccer.
I also have chances to see my daughter playing volleyball at her junior high school.

Hopefully I get a chance to see my elder son playing table tennis next.
He joined table tennis team of his high school, but I haven’t had a chance to see him playing because of the situation with Covid19.
Rules of watching sports are more strict at high school than at junior high school.

Meanwhile I’m going to enjoy watching exciting games of Olympics with my children at home!



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