Diary – Jan. 5, 2021


Hi, it’s Mari. It just came to my mind, and I’ve decided to write diary in English. It won’t be everyday, and I’ll make mistakes in my writing even I’m an English teacher. But who cares? I feel like starting this, so I just do it!

Where to start? I just sent my daughter off. It was six twenty in the morning. My daughter is a member of volleyball team of her junior high school. She just started playing volleyball 6 months ago, but she playas quite well. I’m looking forward to seeing her play at one of the important tournaments this Saturday. I still don’t know all the volleyball rules, but I enjoy watching the games.

I started this blog in May 2020. I’ve wanted to start it so long, but I didn’t have a chance or/and courage. Because of COVID-19, we were forced to stay home for a month in Spring. I had only 7 classes on ZOOM a week, so I had a lot of time staying home and finally started to write this blog.

I started to learn form Dr. Ari Matsumura about Positive Psychology and how to increase happiness by ourselves. The original purpose of this blog is to write about what I’ve learned and how I’m practicing the skills. Now I write about the obento every week, and other topics.

Before I finish my first diary in English, I’d like to show you something you may find interesting.

The white bottle in the center contains antiseptic solution. This table was set near the entrance of hotel restaurant in the new year. I liked how hotel staff displayed it. All of them are traditional Japanese New Year lucky charms except for the antiseptic solution.

This is Akashi Ohashi Bridge looking from Maiko. The land you can see on the left is Awaji-island. I visited here with my parents and my family. I had a great time together.

I’ll write in English like this, when I feel like it.
See you next time!

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