Rainy season has come!


My favorite season is summer.
Before we can enjoy summer, we have a rainy season for about a month.
Compared to other years, rainy season has come quite early this year.

I didn’t like rainy days, but I enjoyed walking in the rain the other day.

I went to the river bank alone on a rainy day, and enjoyed the serenity.
There are always a lot of people walking and playing sports at the river bank, but I didn’t see anyone except for a boy playing basketball alone.

I even enjoyed looking for four-leaves clovers, and I found one actually.
I would look for four-leaves clovers and make a white clover flower crown or necklace when I was a kid.

While I’m writing this post, I remembered that I lost my favorite umbrella at school soon after my parents gave me.
That was a yellow umbrella of a popular animation character “Lalabelle”.
I was so sad when I lost it.
Maybe that’s why I never buy an expensive umbrella.
I guess I don’t want to experience such a disappointment anymore.

This is my umbrella.
It used to be my mother-in-law’s.
A while after she passed away, I got this umbrella from the entrance.

I don’t mind using her umbrella, but I know I want to get a favorite umbrella.
I haven’t started looking for a special umbrella for me yet, but now I feel like starting the search.

This time I don’t want to make a compromise.
I will keep searching for the one I really like and enjoy the process.

I will show you when I get it!

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