Time alone at a cafe – May 1, 2022

Photo by Jason Wong on Unsplash

Hi, there!
It’s so long since I wrote the last English post.
At the begining of May, I just feel like writing one.

I’m in 10 straight days off from English school I work at.
It’s the longest holiday of the year, so I was looking forward to it a lot.

Actually, I’d planned how I wanted to spend it and what I wanted to do beforehand.
It’s the third day of the 10 days, and I’m already enjoying it very much.

I’m writing this at a cozy cafe near my place.
It is on my list of “want to do” to come here and have a relaxing time.

As my children are not so young anymore (17yo boy, 14yo girl, 12yo boy), they are busy with their club activities or plans with their friends.
So we aren’t going anywhere as a family except for a dinner at Yakiniku restaurant tonight.

Besides, I’m taking my daughter to a shopping mall to buy her a new pair of glasses and some clothes for summer.

There is a vision test at every semester.
Both the elder son and my daughter got the letter to have the vision test at an eye doctor.
Unfortunately their eyesights were getting worse, so both they need to make a new pair of glasses.
I don’t like to spend for that, even thought I know they need them.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Also, I’m taking my younger son to a movie.
He likes movies, and he wants to watch the latest movie of “Detective Conan”.
He also wants to get some new stationary goods, so we will visit Loft as his reguest after the movie.

It’s going to be a valuable time spending with my son, as he is facing his smartphone so long and doesn’t enjoy talking with me so much especially at home.

Photo by Paolo Chiabrando on Unsplash

As he became a junior high school student this spring and joined vollyball team at school, he’s getting busier than before.
I have a little concern how he is doing with his study at school, but I’m trying to warmly support him instead of monitoring and interfering in his tasks.

He is lucky to have a brother and a sister who have a plenty of experiences as senior students, and I’m hoping them to guide him somehow when he needs.

Highlights of my holiday so far is my daughter’s team’s victory at the local vollyball tournament.

It was so exciting to watch the vollyball games, as it wasn’t easy to win through.
My daughter is the third grade and the captain of the team.
They only have another two tournaments to play together as they leave the team this summer.
She stared to play vollyball when she entered junior high school, but she’s become a great player and leading and supporting the whole team.

It is a great time for me and my husband to watch her and her team playing vollyball together.
Both we like playing and watching sports, so it’s good to talk about the sports our children play.

We don’t know when we can see our younger son playing volleyball in the game as he’s just joined his team, but we are looking forward to the opportunity.

Well, I have another 7 days to do what I want without English classes.
I’ll have a great time and fully charge myself with a happy energy before starting to teach again.

Thanks for reading through!









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