Happy news!


Hi, it’s Mari.
I’d like to share this news today!
My son passed the national exam for “second class Qualified Electrician(第二種電気工事士)”!
I was so happy when I heard from him.

He started to go to Electrical Information Science course of a public high school last April.
He is never an industrious student, but seemed to work hard at preparation classes for this exam at school.
He didn’t study for this at home though.

This is one of the qualifications all the students of his course are supposed to get during the three years.
As I didn’t really know how difficult this exam is, I didn’t expect him to pass it at the first try.

He took the paper exam in October and passed it.
From the middle of November, those who passed the first test spent so long to prepare for the practical skill exam in December.

By the time he was going to take the practical skill exam, he was saying he was ready and would be able to pass it.
I still don’t know what exactly he had to do at the test, but I know there are some calculation and wiring within the time limit.

When he got home from the test, he was confident and sure that he would pass it.
I was so proud of him, and couldn’t wait to hear the result.

Last night, he told me and my husband that he got the qualification.
His teacher told the students the result yesterday, and my son forgot to tell us till late night…

I felt so happy and had a good sleep.
After the state of emergency is lifted, we’d like to go out and have lunch or dinner together to celebrate.

I don’t know if he is going to use this qualification in his future or has intention to try the first class Qualified Electrician.
Either way this challenge has some meaning in his life, and I hope he finds his next target at school.
It must be the same to anyone, but he really gets into what he are interested in.
Study for the qualification exam seemed to be a game for him to compete with his friends.

Anyway, I’m just happy he goes to school with few absences and enjoys playing table tennis in the club.
He is enjoying his high school life!
I wish he could reduce his time with smartphone and tablet, but I’m sure he will do so when time comes.

I’m looking forward to seeing how he grows, as he always goes beyond my expectation😆

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