Diary – Jan. 7, 2021


Hi, it’s Mari.
I was a bit surprised quite many friends visited my last post in English. One of my friends told me it was too long to read through, so I’m going to make it shorter today.

It was the day of Nanakusa-gayu(七草粥). This is rice porridge with seven herbs of spring. I cook it on January 7 to pray for my family’s health and good luck every year. This is a traditional meal, but I think it’s not so popular compared to Ehoumaki(恵方巻き) in Setsubun (February 3.)

I always look up my recipe book my mum gave me when leaving home for marriage, and use this Japanese clay pot to make this porridge.

Let me show you the New Year’s card my husband designed. He is an artist, so it’s been his role to design our New Year‘s card.

Our three children are now 16, 13, and 11 years old, and don’t like photos to be taken. That’s why they are looking away from the camera.

As some of you know our oldest son, he was very short in his age. But during the school closure in last spring, he got a lot taller and passed my height soon. His voice changed at the same time, now he is very different. He misses his high tone voice himself, but all we are gradually getting used to it.

OK, I should stop writing around here.
Please visit my blog sometime again!

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